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Jean Honoré Fragonard, 1732-1806, French Realist & Impressionist painter and sculptor.

100% hand painted. Any size & any Fragonard painting reproduction possible.  Ask!

Jeroboam Sacrificing to Idols, 1752

Venus and Cupid | Day, 1752-53

Psyche Shows Her Sisters Presents She Has Received from Cupid, 1753

Blindman's Buff, 1750-52

Young Woman Holding Up Her Child, 1750-52

Jean Honore Fragonard, Jeroboam Sacrificing to Idols, 1752, oil on canvas, 45.3 x 57.9 in. / 115 x 145 cm, US$800
Jean Honore Fragonard, Venus and Cupid | Day, 1752-53, oil on canvas, 44.9 x 52.4 in. / 114 x 133 cm, US$700
Jean Honore Fragonard, Young Woman Holding Up Her Child, 1750-52, oil on canvas, 22.2 x 15.1 in. / 56.4 x 38.4 cm, US$280 Jean Honore Fragonard, Blindman's Buff, 1750-52, oil on canvas, 46 x 36 in. / 117 x 91 cm, US$550 Jean Honore Fragonard, Psyche Shows Her Sisters the Presents She Has Received from the Cupid, 1753-54, oil on canvas, 46.0 x 52.9 in. / 116.9 x 134.4 cm, US$670
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