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Jan Vermeer, The Lacemaker, 1665, oil on canvas, 23.6 x 20.7 in. / 60 x 52.5 cm, US$280
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    Welcome and thank you for your interest in our totally hand painted oil on canvas painting reproductions. When comparing art reproductions or oil painting reproduction services, be sure to compare apples” with “apples” and not “apples” with “oranges”. Specifically, that means our competitor’s painting must be the same as our paintings. Here are a few points to compare. The painting reproduction should be:

  • so similar to the original painting in color, detail, brushstrokes, technique, etc., that there is no noticeable difference between the original art work and the reproduction(click here for more info)

  • totally hand painted using no mechanical or electronic devices whatsoever in any stage of the painting process; (click here for more info)

  • painted using only Winsor & Newton premium-grade British oil paints and our competitor must publicly state that on their web site (doesn't mean that they really do use them); (click here for more info)

  • painted on premium-grade commercial canvas(click here for more info)

  • the same size & dimensions as ours; (click here for more info)

  • accompanied by a money-back guarantee of satisfaction;

  • pre-approved before shipping by means of numerous digital photographs sent to you as email attachments when the painting has passed multiple, strict, quality control inspections;

  • delivered to your door for free; and

  • the price of the painting should be publicly published on a web site.

    Hand painted does NOT mean totally hand painted. Many painting manufacturers print or photocopy a photo of the original art work on canvas, then have a person add some additional detail or paint thickness by hand and call it “hand painted” art reproduction .

    Masterpiece Paintings Gallery™ painting reproductions are always totally hand painted Winsor & Newton British oil paints on premium-grade commercial canvas. Our paintings are never a lithographic transfer “follow the brush strokes” paint-by-numbers product. They are never a print of any kind; never mechanically or electronically produced; never mass produced; never a scanned image; never a print on canvas; never textured with rollers or sprayers because we believe people still do it best.

     It’s easy to be deceived. Here is an actual offer we recently received on how to cut our costs more than 90% by selling NOT totally hand painted oil on canvas painting reproductions. We weren't interested because we care about what we make more than how much we make. However, you can see how tempting this might be to companies only interested in making a profit:

“Do you believe that you can buy an emulation oil painting which looks like exactly the same as the original in the museum only 4.5 dollars, cost you a few dollars. Let me tell you a secret. If you print it with computer, it will be too costly to have the volume. If you print with cylinder, it will be too plain to be as a vivid oil painting. We are China, 123XYZ Co., Ltd, we develop silk screen printing technology to reborn the famous painting for years. The result is the perfect of the saturation, the color will not fade, add the brush stroke, you will hardly tell the difference from the true copy. Just be careful, don't let the museum collect it as the original painting. If you wish to duplicate your works on the canvas, you are welcome to contact us, or buy our ready-made clone famous paintings as well, our website ...”

     A few of the terms actually used by competitors that do NOT mean totally hand painted oil on canvas painting reproduction are:

“hand made”
“hand painted”
“art on canvas”
“wall art”
“emulation oil painting”
“recreated exactly, stroke for stroke, in fantastic oils on canvas”
“meticulously hand brush stroked by skilled artisans”
“hand-painted by highly skilled painters”
“masterpieces reproduced on artist’s canvas”
“paintings splendidly reproduced on artist’s canvas”
“reproduced on artist’s canvas that look exactly like an original oil painting”
“carefully replicated handmade”
“fine art reproduction on canvas”
“canvas art reproductions directly from the publisher”
“transferred to canvas with hand-painted brush strokes”
“paintings recreated exactly, stroke for stroke, in fantastic oils on canvas”
“brush stroke for brush stroke, in thickly textured oils on canvas”

    If a seller doesn’t say it is “totally” or “completely” or “100%” hand painted then it probably wasn’t. And most of our competitors parrot every policy on our web site, many times copying our text verbatim.

    It is important to define what we mean by a “reproduction”. Masterpiece Paintings Gallery™ quality control inspectors use a unique and robust system of inspections to enable our painters to reproduce an original work precisely. They require our “reproduction” to be approximately 90-95% similar to the original painting in color, detail, brushstroke and technique.

     If our QC inspectors can find any difference between the original and our reproduction they will have the painter continue working on it. Almost none of our reproduction paintings pass their first quality control inspection. Most require several inspections before we can find no significant fault with them and they are ready for review by the customer. This is what some people refer to as “museum-quality”.

     Terms used by competitors to honestly explain their painting is NOT the same quality as ours and NOT the category of reproduction mentioned above are:

“inspired by” (a famous painter)
“after” (a famous painter or painting)

    You will find few of our competitors mention what paint they use. Why? Winsor & Newton British oil paints cost 10 times as much as Chinese oil paints such as “Horse” brand or "Mary" brand and even Winsor & Newton paints made under license in China. In fact, Chinese painters use KOREAN oil paint because it's even cheaper than Chinese oils.

    British Winsor & Newton paints can be expected to last a century. Low-quality paints often fail to correctly adhere to the canvas and usually change color over time. Paints equal in quality to British Winsor and Newton are acceptable for price comparisons under this policy. (We notice a substantial number of our competitors have read this page and now say all the right things [often quoting us word-for-word] — but quality work takes a lot longer and costs a lot more so it's unlikely they’ve really changed policies.) As with most things in this life — you get what you pay for.

    In some cases, our painters find it more suitable to use France's “Louvre” paints by Lefranc and Bourgeois or Britain's “Georgian” paints by Daler-Rowney rather than Winsor & Newton. But they are all really good oil paints.

    Many low-end painters cut costs by using plain cloth they stretch and cover with PVC glue or other substance to “create” a canvas. This is not comparable to professionally produced, premium-grade canvas manufactured in England, Italy or other country well-known for its expertise, high quality, and long-history in the fine arts. Again, we could cut our costs significantly by doing this but for the sake of quality and painting longevity we've decided against it.

     Many of our competitors make their paintings appear more affordable by offering smaller sizes than the original works and advertising only that price. These apparently more affordable paintings are often much smaller than the original work — frequently only 60-70% of the original size we offer. It’s also unlikely your painting is truly custom made or the same as a Masterpiece Paintings Gallery™ art reproduction if a competitor is offering “standard” sizes which by definition cannot possibly be the same proportions as most paintings

     We usually use the term “museum-quality” when referring to our framing service and refrain from using it when referring to the quality of our oil painting reproductions. Why? Because we know of only one museum in the world that excepts commissions to create hand-painted reproductions of the paintings in their collections. All other museums offer only mass-produced posters, prints or postcards. So what exactly do our competitors mean when they use that term? We think it's hype and misleading so we seldom use it.

    However, our customers have checked our oil painting reproductions against original works (such as van Gogh's “Starry Night” at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) , New York) and said they compared favorably. Although we rarely use the term “museum-quality”, our paintings qualify.

    Masterpiece Paintings Gallery™ has it's own team of unrivaled painters offering uncommon quality painting reproductions to discerning individual buyers. We supervise the process directly from beginning to end and have our own unique MPG Quality Control System created by RJ RothHaas.

    Frankly speaking, the few competitors which offer art reproductions truly comparable to ours can be counted on one hand — and our price for that top quality is substantially lower. How can we do it? Because Thai painters are probably the best value you can get — some of the most gifted, skilled, highly-educated, highly experienced painters in the world but with affordable fees.

    Some of our would-be competitors now claim they offer Masterpiece Paintings Gallery™ art reproductions. If we ever appoint an affiliate or agent, they'll be published on our site. At this time, our site is the only source for our new paintings.

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