Willow Fronds and Nypheas (W 1850) Claude Monet oil painting reproduction art

Claude Monet Oil Painting Reproduction Art

Willow Fronds and Nypheas | Water Lilies, 1916
oil on canvas, 78.7 x 70.9 in. / 200 x 180 cm, US$650
Claude Monet, 1840-1926, famous artist fine art reproduction oil painting gift idea

Although this oil painting is sometimes attributed to work done as early as 1914 and as late as 1917, it seems more likely to be the latter.

“I've begun working again; it's still the best way of not thinking of present sorrows, although I'm rather ashamed of thinking about little researches into forms and colors whils so many suffer and die for us,” Monet wrote about The First World War, also known as The Great War, The War to End All Wars, and World War I.

The war between French culture and German barbarity and destruction had descended into the nightmare of trench warfare. His second wife's son was on the front lines and Renoir's son had been wounded. His own son Michel from his marriage with Camille Doncieux was soon to be called for military service.

Monet's eyesight was beginning to deteriorate as well as his vigor. He was becoming increasingly obsessed with leaving an enduring, state-sponsored legacy of mammoth proportions and to reap great returns from the tremendous amount of time, energy and money he had put into his garden.

Work on his Grande Decoration had begun and the concept was slowly evolving into the Grandes Decorations.

During the same period Monet did this painting, he also did the slightly smaller Willow Fronds, Nympheas and Clouds (W 1852) 59 x 77.6 in. / 150 x 197 cm. Photos of this period show him trying to create his ideal world by painting these paintings beside the water lily pool under an enormous umbrella but always wearing a hat.

Subject Matter: pond at giverny, waterlillies, lillies, water, waterscape, outdoors, lily, garden, flower, flowers, impressionist, impressionism, French, Claud, Oscar, artist, painter, Clude, Claudio, Clode, Calude, cyan, violet, green, purple, blue, white, yellow, black
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Claude Monet, Willow Fronds and Nypheas | Water Lilies, 1916, (W 1850) oil on canvas, 78.7 x 70.9 in. / 200 x 180 cm, US$650

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