Gerard Dou oil reproduction art
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Gerard aka Gerrit Dou Art Reproduction Oil Paintings

Gerard | Gerrit Dou, 1613-1675, Dutch painter

Totally hand painted oil on canvas. Any size & any Dou painting reproduction available.

Astronomer by Candlelight, 1658

  Gerard Dou, Astronomer by Candlelight, 1658, oil on canvas, 16 x 14.8 in. / 40.6 x 37.6 cm, US$245  
Memorable Quote: “There's a certain leeway and allowance for variations of choice in the will of God as long as it stays within certain boundaries, within the tunnel of God's will. Of course there's always the best even within the tunnel, but as long as you stay in the correct general area He'll give you your choice..
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