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Francisco de Goya Art Reproduction Oil Paintings
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Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, 1746-1828, was an Aries and the greatest painter of 18th Century Spain, described by biographer Yriarte as “wild genius, half angel, half Satan!" Goya produced most of his greatest etchings and paintings after a grave illness left him permanently deaf.

Totally hand painted oil on canvas. Any size & any Goya painting reproduction available.

Dual with Clubs | Duelo a Garrotazo, 1820

Powder Factory in the Sierra, 1810-14

Janta of the Philippines, 1815

The Last Communion of Saint Jose de Calasanz, 1819

Juan Martin Diaz, El Empecinado, 1814

Francisco de Goya, Duelo a Garrotazos | Dual with Clubs, 1820-23, oil on canvas, 29.1 x 62.8 in. / 73.8 x 159.6 cm, US$560
Francisco de Goya, Powder Factory in the sierra, 1810-14, oil on canvas, 25 x 39.4 in. / 63.5 x 100 cm, US$400
Francisco de Goya, Juan Martin Diaz, El Empecinado, 1814-15, oil on canvas, 33.1 x 25.6 in. / 84 x 65 cm, US$340 Francisco de Goya, The Last Communion of Saint Jose de Calasanz | La ultima communion de san Jose Calasanz, 1819, oil on canvas, 59.1 x 42.5 in. / 150 x 108 cm, US$600 Francisco de Goya, Janta of the Philippines, 1815, oil on canvas, 51.5 x 65.7 in. / 130.8 x 166.8 cm, US$660  
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