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El Greco Art Reproduction Oil Paintings
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El Greco 'The Greek' | Domenikos Theotokopoulos, 1541-1614, was born in Iráklion, Cretea. Considered one of the greatest “Spanish" Mannerist painters, he worked for Titian and was greatly influenced by Tintoretto and lesser so by Michelangelo.

Totally hand painted oil on canvas. Any size & any El Greco painting reproduction available.

St. Joseph and The Child, 1599

Holy Family, 1597

Laocoon (cleaned & uncensored), 1604

Laokoon (censored & uncleaned), 1604

Cleansing of The Temple, 1584

El Greco, St.Joseph and The Child, 1599-1602, oil on canvas, 44.5 x 22.5 in. / 113 x 57.2 cm, US$470
El Greco, Holy Family, 1597-1601, oil on canvas, 44.1 x 27.1 in. / 112 x 68.8 cm, US$460
El Greco, Cleansing of The Temple, 1584-94, oil on canvas, 41.5 x 50.5 in. / 105.4 x 128.3 cm, US$660 El Greco, Laokoön (uncleaned), 1604-14, oil on canvas, 55.9 x 76 in. / 142 x 193 cm, US$880 El Greco, Laocoon (cleaned), 1604-14, oil on canvas, 55.9 x 76 in. / 142 x 193 cm, US$880  
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