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Painting Delivery Times

Oil reproduction art totally hand painted by an unrivaled select group of painters
     It takes a couple days to properly pack a framed original painting & have a courier pick it up. It should arrive at your home or office about 72 hours later. For commissioned reproductions, we start work immediately after receiving your order and payment. We can often have your painting to you about 30 days later, depending on the drying of the paint. Van Gogh & others applied paint liberally & can take longer to dry fully. Add 7-10 days to delivery times in November & December. Click here for accelerated delivery. Commission a fine art reproduction oil painting completely hand painted by a select Thai painter offering uncommon quality
MPG art reproductions are of such uncommon quality that we offer a money-back guarantee of satisfaction and enjoy a return rate of only about 1%.
Herbert James Draper, Gates of Dawn | Aurora, 1900, oil on canvas, 47.2 x 24 in. / 120 x 61.2 cm, US$630 Our canvas oil painting reproductions art is created by our own painters under our direct supervision. These painters are the best of the best. The uncommon quality of our art reproduction oil paintings is what many people call ''museum quality". You can count the galleries in the world offering this quality of art reproduction on one hand.

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