Journey of Life: Childhood Thomas Cole oil reproduction art

Masterpiece Paintings Gallery art reproduction oil painting Journey of Life - Childhood by Thomas Cole
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Thomas Cole Art Reproduction Oil Paintings
Subject Matter: landscape, mountains,
angel, boat, child, river, flowers, pink, orange, yellow, cyan, black

Thomas Cole, 1801-1848, English designer and engraver who emigrated to the United States with his family at the age of 18 and decided to become a painte a year later. He founded the Hudson River School of landscape painting with Thomas Doughty and by 1825 was well established. His only pupil was Frederick E. Church.
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Journey of Life - Childhood, 1842
oil on canvas, 15.5 x 23 in./ 58.4 x 39.5 cm, US$460

Thomas Cole, Journey of Life - Childhood, 1842, oil on canvas, 15.5 x 23 in./ 58.4 x 39.5 cm, US$460