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Caspar David Friedrich Oil Painting Reproductions Art
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Caspar David Friedrich, 1774-1840, German Romantic painter of landscapes with compelling mystery and spiritual intensity.

100% hand painted. Any size & any Friedrich painting reproduction available.

Monk by the Sea, 1809

Abbey in the Oakwoods | Abbey in the Oak Forest | Abtei im Eichwald, 1810                                                     click here for original size

Arctic Shipwreck | Sea of Ice | Wreck of the Hope aka
Shipwreck of the "Hope" in the Ice, 1824

Chalk Cliffs on Rugen, 1819

Wanderer Looking over a Sea of Fog | Wanderer Watching a Sea of Fog, 1815

Caspar David Friedrich, Monk by the Sea, 1809, oil on canvas, 20.5 x 32 in. / 53 x 81.3 cm, US$289 
Caspar David Friedrich, Abbey in the Oakwoods | Abbey in the Oak Forest | Abtei im Eichwald, 1810, oil on canvas, 43 x 67.5 in. / 109.2 x 171.4 cm, US$700
Caspar David Friedrich, Wanderer Looking over a Sea of Fog, 1815, oil on canvas, 38.8 x 29.5 in. / 98.4 x 74.9 cm, US$435 Caspar David Friedrich, Chalk Cliffs on Rugen, 1819, oil on canvas, 35.25 x 28.25 in. / 89.5 x 71.8 cm, US$380 Caspar David Friedrich, Arctic Shipwreck | Sea of Ice | The Wreck of the Hope | Shipwreck of the Hope in the Ice, 1824, oil on canvas, 24.3 x 32 in. / 61.8 x 81.3 cm, US$360  
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