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Edward Hopper New Realist American Fine Art Oil Painting Nighthawks

Edward Hopper, 1882-1967, the first significant American painter in twentieth century art!
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     Many art critics consider Edward Hopper, 1882-1967, to be the first significant American painter in twentieth century art. His New Realism is considered the polar opposite of Jackson Pollock's Abstract Expressionism. “Nighthawks” aka “Night Wanderers” is one of Hopper's best and most significant paintings. It is certainly one of our bestsellers. His work is as relevant today as it was a century ago.

Edward Hopper, Nighthawks | Night Wanderers, 1942, oil on canvas, 20.8 x 39.4 in / 52.9 x 100 cm,  US$280
     Hopper admitted that he may have unconsciously been “painting the loneliness of a large city" when he created “Nighthawks” although he claimed it showed nothing but “a restaurant on Greenwich Avenue where two streets meet." This is one of the very few Hopper paintings in which the window glass is invisible and it is the only one which shows a curved pane. The restaurant's “bubble of glass" effectively seals off the people within from the city without.
     Although still considered a large painting at more than 39 inches, we have reduced this painting to about 70% of the original size to make it more suitable for most homes. “Nighthawks” is often compared to Hopper's etching Night Shadows, 1921, in which the major role is played by shadow instead of light. In "Nighthawks", the light of the restaurant is the only one left still burning in the sleeping city.
     The psychological tension and social impact of this painting has been compared to Sunlight in a Cafeteria although the perspectives and time of day are reversed. The unity of the couple on the right contrasts greatly with the
Edward Hopper in Paris, 1907.

loneliness of the drinker on the left against the backdrop of a deserted city.
     After spending a year in Paris at a young age, Hopper returned to the United States and soon developed his unique style. He never changed it the rest of his life.
     Hopper's subject was everyday America. He captured in old houses, movie theaters, bars, and rural landscapes scenes that conceal memory, hope, adventure, poetry, and the intangible American spirit.
     Hopper's life was quiet, disciplined and orderly, much like his paintings. For more than 50 years he painted in his New York studio on the top floor of 3 Washington Square North and he never let fame and celebrity go to his head.

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