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About This Reproduction of Edward Hopper's “Girlie Show”

Edward Hopper, 1882-1967, the first significant American painter in twentieth century art!
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Many art critics consider Edward Hopper, 1882-1967, to be the first significant American painter in twentieth century art. His New Realism is considered the polar opposite of Jackson Pollock's Abstract Expressionism. Hopper's ambiguity made him the forerunner of American Pop Art.
Some viewers of Hopper's “Girlie Show” are too quick to categorize this painting as simply nude art or erotic art without considering the soul searching effect it has on each person and how it addresses the issue of voyeurism. Hopper has made the 

Edward Hopper, Girlie Show, 1941, oil on canvas, 32 x 38 in / 81.3 x 96.5 cm
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painting a stage and the striptease is taking place specifically for the viewer. “Girlie Show” challenges you to review your own reaction elicited by the provocative performance.
     “Girlie Show” is a large painting at 38 inches long but we are offering it at 100% of original size because this is not a painting to hide in a corner. It's purpose is to confront and make us stop for  thought.
     Painted in 1941, the inspiration for
“Girlie Show” probably came during Hopper's travels by car from the East Coast to the West Coast, including Utah, Nevada, Colorado, California, Oregon and Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park. It's not hard to imagine this scene in Nevada 60 years ago. It probably wasn't in Utah.
     After spending a year in Paris at a young age, Hopper returned 
Edward Hopper in Paris, 1907.

to the United States and soon developed his unique style. He never changed it the rest of his life.
Hopper's subject was everyday America. He captured in old houses, movie theaters, bars, and rural landscapes scenes that conceal memory, hope, adventure, poetry, and the intangible American spirit.
Hopper's life was quiet, disciplined and orderly, much like his paintings. For more than 50 years he painted in his New York studio on the top floor of 3 Washington Square North and he never let fame and celebrity go to his head.

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