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German Impressionist Franz Marc Oil Painting “Little Blue Horses

German Impressionist Franz Marc, 1880 - 1916
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     If World War I had not destroyed him in 1916, Franz Marc would probably have painted many more paintings like “Little Blue Horses aka Die kleinen blauen Pferde which shows his great admiration for and wonderment at animals and animal beauty. We offer this painting in its original size of 24" x 39.8" / 61 x 101 cm.
     “Little Blue Horses
is one of about 101 paintings that Marc created in 1911, the year he gave up plein air painting and married Maria Franck in London. Marc first met and became a close friend of Wassily Kandinsky at the beginning of 1911 and 

Franz Marc, The Little Blue Horses, 1911, oil on canvas, 24 x 39.8 in / 61 x 101 cm (original size), US$295

began spending a lot of time with August Macke, whom he considered a like minded artist. Marc and Kandinsky published The Battle for Art that year in response to paranoia that foreigners were having excessive influence on German art and Marc had his second exhibition. In December, Marc, Kandinsky and Gabriele Munter resign from the New Artist's Association. Other masterpieces of that year were: Blue  
Horse I, The Bull, Blue-Black Fox, Monkey Frieze, Donkey Frieze, Stooks in the Snow, Dog Lying in the Snow, Deer in the Snow and the Yellow Cow.
     Marc's paintings are created from the standpoint of another animal. This is certainly the reason Marc's paintings became so popular after 1945 when escape from reality was still the main purpose art was acquired. Escape from reality often plays an important role in Marc's animal paintings.
     Marc received a great deal of guidance and encouragement from animal painter Jean Bloe Niestle. Marc found great affinity with
pure beasts and rather a disdain for people. I think a lot about my own art, he said. My instincts have so
Impressionist painter Franz Marc in 1912.
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far guided me not too badly on the whole, even though my works have been flawed. Above all I mean the instinct which has led me away from people to a feeling of animality, for 'pure beasts'. The ungodly people around me (particularly the men) did not arouse my true feelings, whereas the undefiled vitality of animals called forth everything good in me ... I found people 'ugly' very early on; animals seemed to me more beautiful, more pure.
     Marc was born in Germany, the son of a devoutly religious professor at the Munich Academy. He grew up with a great interest in theology but also had great artistic and literary ambitions. His family was supportive of these goals.
     He gained his love of animals and particularly horses during a year of voluntary military service in 1890. Upon completing his tour of duty he decided he was to become a painter. "Now I know for sure that I have found what is right for my nature,
he said.

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